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04-23-07, 9:24 PM

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California State Park System

(A network of over 240 fiefdoms)


Campers beware, and especially prospective camp hosts and volunteers. Be ready for poor service, misinformation, and poorly maintained facilities, and humiliation.




Please note that the camp hosts, park aides and volunteers are wonderful, helpful, and dedicated. Unfortunately, with the exception of a very small  number of year round salaried employees, you will find deceit, misinformation. Mix that in with backstabbing, political infighting, (almost 100% of rangers), makes for not many happy campers.


One ranger told us (boastfully) that in one year he issued over 1600 tickets and citations in a state park. Another we saw hiding on a hillside in camouflage, with binoculars. He said it was sop to issue tickets for littering and illegal parking in that state park.


The California State parks system is an organization that is huge, but understaffed with workers, and volunteer staff. Unfortunately it is overstaffed with arrogant, vicious, deceitful, low intellect rangers.


There is no continuity in paperwork, guest and staff treatment, regulations, or fees, from park to park.


The funds are in the main are misspent, I/e… they rather upgrade the light bars on patrol vehicles, than ensure there is adequate supplies in the restrooms, And that they are clean.


If you intend to spend time in California state parks, be forewarned, and do not get pushed around. These people are supposedly public servants.


I shall not sign this as rangers have guns. We all know that when stupidity and guns mix.. people get hurt.


Forewarned is forearmed.