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QUEST 10'x10' First-Up Canopy wCarry Bag
by Quest
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QUEST 10'x10' First-Up Canopy wCarry Bag
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by rickety 11/27/2016 10:13:12 PM
Canopy material is CHEAP... legs are still standing???
by scotty_p 10/4/2015 8:41:48 PM
bought the canopy 3 months prior to a camping trip. Never opened up the bag. Wouldn't think that I should have to do so. Got to campsite and all that was in the bag was the frame. WTF! The "Contact us" part of the Quest site is not functioning either. I should not have tried to go cheap on a canopy.
by mogburn 7/23/2015 2:27:43 PM
This is our second 10 x 10 canopy. The legs bent again, in strong wind. We have had to throw in our landfills, two of these products. I wonder how many end up in trash...
by tcre 1/21/2013 11:26:37 AM
i have found some replacement parts on ebay
by dave 11/13/2012 11:18:48 AM
i have a quest first up 10x10 canopy i need one leg for it. i have been to most of the sites that sell parts but cant find the right one mine says First up on the leg caps not ez up who now makes the quest. if you know where i can find one please let me know. other than that been a good buy i have had it for about 5 years
by Joe K 5/17/2012 10:21:09 AM
I puirchased mu Quest First Up about 10 years ago; and like Meyett I'm finding the replacement design dosen't provide for the wind screen and bug screen of the old design. I've used this canopy on numerous camping trips all type of weather, numerous NASCAR races (Pocono to Atlanta). This winter in PA, I left it up stradling my ouotdoor hot tub with the wind screens in place. 2 years ago it stood all summer in the sun, heat & weather of NC. Hourly usage, I might stake the corner. Weekend usage, I'd secure the guy lines. Any longer and I'd do both. The upper release button on one leg finally broke and the canopy fabric is finally drying out. I wish I'd have thought to use it over the hot tub long ago; I got 2 short lengths of rope lighting and zip-tied them to the frame. We had ablast out in the cold in the hot water at night. I'd have to say it was one of the best $100+ I forked over. I just wish they had preserved means of attachement for the old walls & screening; because now it's forcing me to comparison shop when I would have gladly handed over another $100+ for the frame & canopy.
by l Meyett 9/6/2011 6:22:14 PM
I recently had my 10x10 canopy destroyed by hurrican Irene. I purchased another at Dicks Sporting Goods. The problem I have is that the other tent matched the side wind shield I purchased by means of the canopy had velcrow inside the top of the canopy which matched the shield. The canopy I just purchased does not. Now I have to go and purchase another shield to match this canopy. why can't compaines stop changing items from one year to another just to make more money from the consumer.
by dana 8/30/2011 6:56:07 PM
This is a long review, but I have alot to say about this product. Honestly, I have never been compelled to write a product review, but after reading some of the negative stuff about this particular item, I thought I should take the time (and yours) to tell you how well it performed under some semi-tough conditions. I am extremely pleased with this Ozark Trail tent. I can't understand why anyone would give this tent a negative review. Sure, you have to buy the frame for $97.00. Get over it - that's cheap for the value you get - go price them elsewhere and then go back and buy it at Walmart. It is excellent quality for the price. The FirstUp canopy and frame is super easy to put up and the big 10 x 10 Ozark Trail hanging tent clipped to the frame perfectly for an exact custom fit. The canopy and frame alone can be used for so many other activities, which is the other reason I bought it. This tent is just one of the optional items you can purchase seperately to use with the FirstUp frame. There is also a nice-looking screen room in the stores and there are some other NASCAR and football team options I saw that you can buy for tailgating that work with 10 x 10 frames. Anyway, I took this tent to our deer camp in South Georgia over the 2009 Thanksgiving weekend and set it up for the first time in less than 10 minutes - seriously - the other guys there had never seen anything like it and immediately they all wanted one too! I am sure I can do it faster next time because I know exactly what to do. We nicknamed it the "Taj Mahal" because it was so big - and it really is! It will change the way you camp. It is also a great beginners tent. No stress! I am 6'2" and I could not reach the ceiling! How many other camping tents can you say that about? It is a light material type tent, designed for warmer weather, but the temperature dropped down to 32 degrees two of the three nights and I slept in it on a queen size air mattress with my regular Coleman sleeping bag and a Mr. Heater propane heater - I NEVER got cold - it was fine (almost hot with the heater on) in this tent every night - it was also pretty windy (20 mph gusts) two of the days, and I NEVER had a problem because we staked it to the ground according to the instructions. I have hunted and camped for 30 years and I have not been as proud of a purchase such as this in a long time. I have told all of my friends about this tent and they are out there looking for it.However, the Ozark Trail hanging tent from Walmart is no longer available. A newer updated version should be available soon however but not from Walmart. If you would like further info you can contact me @ and I would be happy to give you any updates.
by dfrank 8/12/2011 4:13:01 PM
The Quest 10 X 10 Canopy is a low cost product I purchased while in Florida for immediate shade. It held up perfect to the conditions of 20-25 mile hour winds. As the winds increased, we lowered the canopy as all others lowered their's. I did purchase larger stakes, 8 inch "eye" type that helped. I am throughly satisfied with my purchase, just as any product, use common sense. Different weather conditions dictate precautions needed.
by Mark 8/3/2011 8:17:36 PM
This prouct is a very weak design, little bit of water on canopy and it broke two cross bracing also bent one main arm very cheap!!!!!!!!!
by William 7/27/2011 7:36:56 PM
Get what you pay for. The legs are bent and the crossbars are toast. The canopy itself has help up nicely. I am currently using a wooden dowel in the one of the legs because the pins are all messed up.
by Carrie ann 7/13/2011 4:54:29 PM
purchased the 10X10 rain storm in NY fell down had all poles secured It bent 3 poles at the top It is in the scrap now... would not recomend...
by Andrea 6/19/2011 7:41:42 PM
Purchased one and it lasted for a couple weeks. Bought another thinking maybe a bigger one would be more reliable. One rain shower and it feel breaking the poles and the canopy. Would never purchase a Quest product again. Waste of money...
by G. in Ga. 6/19/11 6/19/2011 12:23:32 PM
We had this thing up 1 day and it rained and wind blew and it broke like toothpicks. I don't know what it is made of but it sure is no good. If you want to spend alot of money for a one time use it woould be fine. Please don't waste your money like we did.
by customer 6/5/2011 2:03:19 PM
says the color is burgundy and i paid for shipping and it is red! bright red,,, box says burgundy... im soooo mad
by Joanne-Erie,Pa 6/5/2011 1:03:27 PM
by kam 5/21/2011 2:13:21 PM
I am in need of a first-up replacement canopy 10x10 which should have the zippers to attach the screen walls which I have. My top got destroyed in wind storm last fall. Anyone who may have this part...please email me at
by Kellee Hartman 5/17/2011 12:15:41 PM
Dont buy this Canopy.. We got it for a cook out and didnt have it but 2 days and we live in NC and the weather is always a day to day thing you dont know what its going to be like till the day comes.. So this morning out of no where it started pouring down rain and wind and the arms and legs snaped on the canopy it was a waste of 100 dollars... the only way i would ever buy something from this company again is if they really started making their stuff more standable.. They say its a outside outdoors or whatever but right here i have pics to prove it is not..
by 5/6/2011 9:14:19 PM
Sorry, i forgot to post location. Los Angeles Area
by 5/6/2011 9:12:13 PM
I have a First Up purchased at walmart -blue. Wind caught it and damaged a leg, strut, and riped a smell hole in the top. If your looking for replacement parts, come take it away.
by dave 4/29/2011 10:55:24 AM
Piece of crap... do not waste your money
by 3/31/2011 3:45:14 PM
go to for quest replacement parts....they also have firstup replacement parts
by kpeltzer 3/25/2011 10:06:28 AM
I need a new canopy for a 10x10. Mine is starting to rip. One of the push button tabs on one leg is broken but have adapted a part. Do need stake down in the wind. Otherwise, OK.
by 3/25/2011 9:59:57 AM
The canapy is starting to rip. Looking for a 10x10 canopy only. One of the push button taps for the leg is broken. Otherwise, OK. Do nail it down in the wind
by message 3/20/2011 8:44:45 PM
i have a 10x10 and I need one leg and a canopy....anybody have one or the other they want to sell? lancaster, pa - email at:
by 3/13/2011 6:52:34 AM
Don't through away through away your old canopy!!! I might have replacement parts for you MUCH cheaper than the outrageous prices offered by retailers. First-up, easy-up and more.
by Rogerw03 2/20/2011 1:12:34 PM
My canopy also twisted in the wind and damaged two of the legs. Finding parts is almost impossible since Quest doesn't seem to have an official website. I found the legs at but the cost for two of them is the same as a new canopy. If you're in need of parts or want to swap them out let me know.
by Corina 2/2/2011 11:38:12 AM
Make sure you pin it down somehow while you use literally flies away with a strong wind! Happened to us and the legs were bent and broken!
by John in PA 1/4/2011 7:44:04 PM
I found the 10x10 instant up Canopy to be a snap to put up and take down. Its great for tailgating. Suggest you also get the wind curtain. We use it and rain and wind stay out and we enjoy the day.
by Lee 1/3/2011 2:45:31 PM
Disappointed at how the Quest holds up to even a slight wind.
by Greg 11/14/2010 10:59:28 PM
Get Parts Here.. Just happen to run across this.
by G Rodgers 11/2/2010 2:12:03 PM
Need two legs, gray frame 10 x 10 email live in Pittsburgh
by Bill G 10/12/2010 9:06:57 AM
Looking for a tent bag for a 10 x 10 tent, please call 412-889-8459
by jp 10/8/2010 3:40:10 PM
i have used this caopy 4 times and everytime one of vthe bars will break do not by this product.
by Peter 10/8/2010 3:12:32 PM
I am looking to purchase two legs for a Quest 10 x 10 Dome Straight Leg Instant Pop Up Canopy. Please contact me at Living in the Raleigh NC area. Thanks
by 10/3/2010 8:07:22 PM
Would like to buy a canopy 10by 10 and a 12 by 12
by al 9/30/2010 9:19:49 AM
this tent sucks. I used it twice and the thing is completely bent up. Don't buy it.
by Mark 9/28/2010 10:11:32 AM
In reference to the posting below, I can be reached at
by Mark 9/28/2010 10:10:04 AM
I'm in need of 2 of the upper cross member "scissoring" bars for the 10' x 10' unit. I know I can buy a whole new canopy for $60 so I'm looking for reasonable pricing. How much to ship these 2 pieces to 49546? Thanks!
by daclown 9/23/2010 3:59:55 PM
Just bought a leg and it is the wrong one, anybody else have this issue. If anybody is looking for a leg that is a 2 section gray leg let me know.
by DSS 9/22/2010 3:03:30 PM
Very cheaply built. Very negative interaction and feedback from "customer (lack of) support". Bent first time setting up. NO support from company. Would not recommend and will not buy again.
by 9/20/2010 6:21:53 PM
I am looking for a canopy for a 10x10 quest. I am form Indep.,MO and am looking for someone close. We had really good luck until we left it up on our deck and we had a surprise snow storm. Thannks.
by mollis 9/20/2010 2:00:15 PM
Looking to purchase two legs for a quest 10x10 canopy. You can email me at bandtastics@
by mollis 9/20/2010 1:58:50 PM
Looking to purchase two legs for a quest 10x10 canopy.
by L todd 9/19/2010 7:00:36 PM
Looking for the center peak hub for a 10 x 10 First Up Canopy. If any one has one please let me know. you can email me at
by 9/16/2010 8:07:52 PM
I need a 10X10 canopy. Frame is brand new. Opened box after lending it new to a friend and no canopy. They said they never used it????? Gee, did it not come with the canopy or is somebody telling fibs?
by 9/13/2010 7:43:39 PM
I have a blue 10 x 10 canopy, used 4 times and leg broke. I will sell and ship parts in order to earn $ for a new one. Email what you Thanks.
by william 9/12/2010 5:06:57 PM
I have a 10 x 10. The zipper on the carry bag broke. I need a used/new bag with the rollers. reach me at
by elakehall 9/6/2010 1:16:53 PM
I have for sale the CANOPY TOP 10x10 Green top Silver inside $25.00 You can pay by PayPal. email me if interested
by anne 9/5/2010 7:38:05 AM
Looiking for a leg for a 10x10 quest shelter. Have papypal to pay for shipping. Please email me
by Dizer 7/26/2010 6:02:23 PM
As everyone else... these canopy's have issues, and it is unfortunate that there are no replacement parts... sounds like an investment idea.... Anyway, I have a 10 x 10 and am in need of some scissor replacements... I've seen a few good ideas on how to fix, but I'm not that handy. So if have any and want to get rid of them let me know. I'm in NY - please email me and maybe we can make a deal: Thanks
by 7/26/2010 11:10:53 AM
PARTS FOR SALE. One of my legs broke, but I would just like to get a new canopy. I have three legs, a storage bag, an the canopy to sell. I live in washington dc. Please email if you are intested in a part.
by chris 7/25/2010 6:40:37 PM
I too need a leg, or entire frame for a 12x12 canopy. If I can't get a leg or frame, I'd be willing to sell the canopy. It's only been used 2x's. Email is
by ben 7/25/2010 4:58:26 PM
Looking for a let on a 10x10 - it is a brown colored post. please email at if you could provide thanks
by 7/22/2010 3:40:23 PM
I have three good legs for a 10 X 10. I'm in downtown Decatur Georgia. I won't take money or ship. When mine first broke back in 2006, Quest sent me a new frame for free. Unfortunately they sent me a 12X 12 frame, so then they sent me the 10 X 10. So I would really like to have a 12 X 12 canopy. And I would love to give away all or any parts to my 10 X 10 frame. As for the product, I think a lot of the problems come from operator error or ignorance. At least that was my problem. The set up process is counter intuitive and I underestimated the canopy's desire to become a sail! LT
by 7/20/2010 8:24:24 PM
At Allstar ballgame,gust of wind came and took out 3 tents all Quest 10 by 10. We all need legs our canopys are fine. If yo9u have any legs for sale please e-mail . Thanks
by Colin 7/20/2010 4:21:55 PM
Same problem as everyone else. The wind ripped a whole in my canpoy. My frame is good, but need a new canopy and no one sells parts. I actually had three of these all 3 were damaged at the top. I wish i new foks needed legs before i threw tyhem out. All were 10' x 10' model number DG1010GW....Anyone have a canopy...?
by matt 7/18/2010 6:58:49 PM
need one leg in Baltimore
by Robert 7/18/2010 12:10:38 PM
I have a 10X10 Quest canopy and several support legs left that I will part out. It was used twice before the wife trashed it, so it is almost new. E-mail me @ to inquire.
by DALE E 7/18/2010 5:10:00 AM
by tlmrnob1 7/13/2010 9:00:01 AM
Used only 2 times after the 2nd time 2 legs bent now need 2 legs if anyone has any I would like to buy so maybe I could use this canopy at least another summer. I can't believe no one single plae sells parts for this canopy. Please e-mail me if you have any legs to sell. thanks
by 7/12/2010 4:50:11 PM
I can be contacted at
by daclown 7/12/2010 4:49:09 PM
Looking for a leg for a 10 x 10. I'm in Michigan.
by Mike again 7/11/2010 3:27:40 PM
Looking for a leg for a 12x12, I am in Chicago, e-mail me at if you are looking to sell
by mike 7/11/2010 3:21:25 PM
have a 12x12 quest canopy, need a leg, wind picked up the tent and threw it over neighbors fence and bent the leg beyond repair. Any help would be great
by 7/8/2010 2:08:41 PM
i have had my canopy and only used it twice. wind got the better of it. So for those of you who need replacement parts you can email me and i will take mine apart and sell it to you. i can be reached at i have a new canopy, peak scissors pieces, and legs. and the carrying case.
by Ron Miller 7/6/2010 5:45:39 PM
I purchased the 10 x 10 canopy with the Gray outside color & silver under side color this past weekend I was at a car show & used the canopy for the first time and was disappointed when droplets of water started driping down on my wife & a friend, my wife said she thought the canopy was water proof, will I did not know what to say, since a friend had a blue canopy which was not dripping water droplets. The model I purchased is 10 x 10 Quest 1st up purchased at Dicks InTopeka kstag no. np2007dic-0701 / d1010gw. Please advise
by pist off guy 7/5/2010 3:27:40 PM
WTF why doesnt anyone sell replacement canopy?
by kim 7/5/2010 12:01:08 PM
I bought the 12 x 12 and only used it two times before the zipper on the bag broke. Now I have no easy way to carry it around. Also I have another 12 x 12 from northwest and the quality is much better than quest. The quest poles and tarp are much flimsier than the northwest. Pay more for a better quality pop up or by the replacement warranty because after 30 days Dicks will not help you.
by 7/3/2010 5:00:19 PM
We used the canopy last year when we were camping. We lost the canopy/canvas part and are looking for a replacement one. If you have one to sell us please email (Our frame is a 10 by 10). Thanks!
by vette403 7/1/2010 4:32:53 PM
I purchased the Quest 12' x 12' a couple of years ago and the first time I pulled it out of the bag one of the scissor arms was bent I have managed to nurse it along for the last couple years but I had it set up and secured on a deck for a few days and a heavy wind caused 4 of the scissor bars to break. I would like to fix it if you have parts email me at
by Gardy 7/1/2010 9:01:03 AM
I need to purchase a canopy for my 10 x 10 frame. Please email Thanks.
by John 7/1/2010 4:07:17 AM
I found a solution for the scissor parts that break. I took a 1/4" piece of aluminum about 6" long and inserted it into each of the broken ends. I had to grind the piece down to about 13/32". After putting the two broken ends together I drilled a small hole in each part including the aluminum and bolted the aluminum and the scissor together. I then drilled a hole in the aluminum to match the existing hole in the scissor and re-mounted the scissor back on the canopy. It has worked so far and makes the scissor much stronger than before.
by John D 6/30/2010 10:07:11 AM
I went to Lowes and bought a1/2"x 5' piece of elec conduit, matched and drilled the hole pattern, cut to length, hammered to oval shape to copy shape of broken cross member and then fitted original plastic fastener holders and put in place of broken cross mbr, cost about $2.50 and an hours work.
by Wayne from Alabama 6/29/2010 1:41:18 PM
Was very dissappointed with canopy rotted faded and tore before summer got started good only lasted about three months also bought screen it to is poor quality bought from Dicks in Huntsville Al.
by 6/29/2010 7:46:18 AM
My Mom received one of these pop up tents 2 years ago as a gift and while it was secured to the ground just fine, the wind broke several of the cross bars in the canopy. We just cleaned out the garage this past weekend and came across it again. Scrapped the frame (sorry about that) but I did not realize everyone else was having this same problem until I started searching for a new frame today! We kept the canopy and rolling canvas bag but I don't think we will waste the money on another one, so if anyone is interested in purchasing please email me and let me know. Thanks!
by 12 X12 6/28/2010 8:01:20 PM
I have a 12 X 12 for parts. Email me with what you need.
by 6/28/2010 12:46:31 PM
I too need parts - seems to be the downfall of this canopy. Mine is totally my fault, left out in wind, bent "accordian" part. One of the bars from the sides of the canopy that folds together, not a leg. It is from a 12 x 12 tent though. It measured about 24 inches. Thinking based on the costruction replacement would be simple. Finding the part is not. Please email if you have one I can buy from you.
by 6/28/2010 8:19:09 AM
If anyone in has an extra leg they are willing to sell I would love to have it. I live in Washington DC. Please email me if it is something that you would be willing to discuss.
by 6/27/2010 10:06:42 AM
I also need a leg for the Quest canopy. I guess everyone has about the same problem. Unreal that no one is around to sell us all a leg??????? If so, please email - only need one leg..........
by scrapped 6/24/2010 8:17:42 PM
I have tent I am going to piece out. The legs are 52 1/2 inch colapsed and made of 1 inch square tubing. I have all the other pieces as well. email me at and I sell cheap and send it even cheaper.
by Scott 6/24/2010 1:15:49 PM
Light breeze riped my canopy and bent the frame. Super cheap piece of $@^*!
by 6/24/2010 12:06:10 PM
Just got ours as a gift last Saturday. Got home today to find that one of the legs was bent, from a very mild wind we had today. In need of a leg. Please email. Thanks.
by 6/22/2010 12:51:08 PM
I got a 12X12 and the first year it got thrown around by a thunderstorm and some of the scizzor parts bent and now have broken. I don't seem to have a problem with the legs but need some parts for the scizzor frame and can't find any place to purchase them. Does anyone know where to buy parts ? E-mail me if you do. Thanks
by 6/21/2010 1:49:24 PM
Same thing happened to me. My father brought this canopy over to provide some shade. Crimped a led the second day. Would love a new one if you are parting them out.
by anne frishel 6/15/2010 4:55:21 PM
The zipper came off of our carry bag. Anyone have an extra to sell?
by 6/13/2010 12:16:09 PM
Just bought a quest 10x10 canopy model d1010dg puting it up leg bent, dicks will not take it back. does any one have a leg they are selling, email me with price for leg. or know of a web site i can order a repacement leg.
by 6/13/2010 6:30:43 AM
Members do not hold up well, I will be parting mine out in the next week. anything I can salvage I will sell for cheap and ship for actual cost. Contact my e mail, I will get back to you ASAP.
by 6/9/2010 7:57:17 AM
Rather lightweight product!! First time using it, roof member crimped. Temporarily propped up weak corner and when rain came , water puddled on roof corner crimping horizontal roof brace. If anyone is selling parts from their damaged canopy, please contact me through e-mail , THANKS
by Bill 6/6/2010 7:04:09 AM
When set up with poles staked to the ground to hold the canopy down we had a fair sized wind. With this wind the pole legs bent to the point where they are unusable . . . Canopy is fine, but need new legs.
by lara 6/5/2010 11:05:06 AM
got two bent legs! Anyone parting out their broken canopy?
by Shawn 6/2/2010 4:23:01 PM
I have one of these and my wife took it down wrong and broke the top plastic piece. If someone wants to sell one, let me know. Otherwise, I can probably supply everyone elses needs... lol. cflshawn at gmail dot com
by 5/31/2010 5:33:09 PM
I need a leg for our two month old first up tent. We were at the beach and the wind decided to destroy one of the legs. If anyone wants to part with their beat up first up 10 X 10 let me know. i need a leg. Contact me via email at
by btfrye 5/31/2010 10:51:57 AM
No good with light wind
by Mark 5/24/2010 7:58:15 AM
I've used this about 5 times and I've broken two of the metal cross-bars that scissor at the top of the frame. Anybody with a bent leg want to sell me some of these? I can be contacted at
by nrichert 5/22/2010 11:16:24 AM
This product does not hold up well to the Arizona sun. The price of $69.00 is not cheap. Walmart no longer carry these covers, but they are still selling the entire package with frame for a lot more money. Walmart used to stock the replacement covers, the frames hold up well, I don't see why one needs to replace the frame as well. People should complain to Walmart for not stocking replacement covers. Just another Walmart rip-off the customer policy.
by Poster 5/19/2010 9:09:28 AM
These things are cheap if they break there is no way to get parts at all But... The price of these really make them disposable. There are others that do have replacement parts but your looking at lease twice the price around 200.00 and up. So you get what you pay for, just realize they are disposable. If one breaks keep the parts for another. Its still cheaper then the cost of a good one.
by Patti 5/12/2010 11:00:29 AM
This product was inexpensive and works quite well IF you read the directions. There is a specific method to extending and retracting the legs. Forcing or using too much pressure will break the legs - same on all these types of tents. Also MUST stake down or use the leg weights in wind - and if leaving up overnight should lower the legs at least halfway - in case of wind. I use for outdoor dog agility trials and have had no problems, but I am careful with the legs. I know many people with broken legs on many different tent products - because of 'forcing' the legs. Also tents rarely come with good stakes - we always buy the heavy duty tent stakes.
by William 5/1/2010 7:09:48 PM
I to purchased a Quest 10x10 Gazebo model D1010G2. Like most people wind took it and bent the leg. Looking to purchase a leg. If any one can help please contact me at Thank you William
by 4/28/2010 6:07:16 AM
I purchased a Quest canopy recently at Dicks Sporting good for use at dog shows. First time out, wind took it and bent a replacement parts can be purchased. BTW, don't count on the stakes that come with the tent, they are worthless!! Perhpas this is part of Quest's plan.....put worthless stakes in their tent package so you will bend a leg and have to buy another tent!! If anyone has parts they would like to sell, please contact me.....looking for leg assembly.
by blberry 4/27/2010 7:05:35 PM
I have the 10x10 Instant-Up; the canopy is actually 8x8. I've had it outside for more than three years and the frame is fine, just need a replacement canopy which can't be found.
by Gerry 4/23/2010 7:00:33 AM
I purchased one of these worthless pieces of junk and can see now why Quest is out of business. I purchased mine at Dicks Sporting Goods store. The tent is fine, but what do you do to replace the worthless frame assemmbly ??? I have a great tent with noting to hold it up with and should have known better then to purchase it in the first place !!! Where can I get another assembly to hold the thing up ????
by terry mesler 3/27/2010 1:08:44 PM
Our ad for selling the two 12 x 12 tents listed just below this has the wrong email address It should be
by 3/27/2010 10:40:17 AM
We have two 12x12 tents that we would like to sell. We have used them about 8 times. They both have canvas sides and screen sides. They both have canvas carry bags and we have designed floors that attach with velcro. A couple of the upper cross pieces broke and have been replaced on one of the tents. One corner pole is bent on the other because it was backed into, but it still works. Will sell for $50 each. Contact us at
by a frequent tailgater 3/22/2010 2:27:24 PM
I own two of these and the only problems I have had are minor. I had a drunk friend try to help take it down after tailgating and he bent one crossrod. During a rain storm, I tore one corner while trying to get water off of the tent. As for the people that have had their tent flip during wind storms, there are tent peg holes in the bottom and ways to stake the tent down. When your tent blows over due to the wind it is YOUR fault for not securing the tent properly. I have had my tent up on days when the wind was gusting over 25 miles per hour and my tent was staked down. It will last though the wind if you put the tent up properly.
by notflyfishing 1/30/2010 3:55:57 PM
Have the 10x10 and it is holding up well, looking for the tent liner. Contact me at if you have one to sell. Also know someone who wants the 12x12 tent liner.
by NETCHEMGUY@YAHOO.COM 12/20/2009 1:29:00 PM
by WMEYMAN 12/14/2009 12:01:38 PM
I need 2 of the push button latches at the middle of the legs of a 10 x 10 First Up canopy. Anybody with a damages or junker want to part with these? These are sold as ozark trail, first up, and many brands but the real company is Northpole out of Washington Misssouri.
by Jeff 10/30/2009 6:07:57 AM
This unit was purchased to provide cover for our HS Cross Country teams at their Races. Well, same as the rest of you are detailing, the first race with a wind found our tent with a bent pole. We are seasrching for a replacement part, if anyone is interested in selling parts. The part we need is the extension riser in the middle between the legs. If this makes sense or you can help contact me @
by 10/20/2009 5:00:06 AM
by Janet 10/19/2009 12:09:18 PM
We have a First Up canopy from Walmart that blew over and needs 2 white cross bars that measure 38 1/2 inches between socket holes and are 40 5/8 inches long. Anyone willing to make a good deal? My husband thinks he can rig up something but.....
by 10/14/2009 3:16:08 PM
I need the plastic center hub piece for a First Up 10 x 10.
by dmg 10/10/2009 1:27:35 PM
Bought the 10 x 10 at Dicks .. went well last year, just put up and leg bent i am looking for a leg , if you have one i can buy email me at This site is SO HELPFULL .. i wish i would have seen this before i bought one of these .. i can't believe the company doesn't supply parts .. way to back your product ... i won't be buying another one either
by Joel S. 10/10/2009 6:04:09 AM
Crystal, I have the canopy left from mine. The cross links broke on mine so I was just going to toss it. I will give it to you for $20 plus shipping. email me at Joel
by Joel S. 10/10/2009 6:03:42 AM
Crystal, I have the canopy left from mine. The cross links broke on mine so I was just going to toss it. I will give it to you for $20 plus shipping. Joel
by Crystal White 10/8/2009 3:12:36 PM
I ordered a replacement canopy for my pop up tent from but they dont have it in stock yet. any suggestions where i can buy one?
by Ted 10/5/2009 9:20:21 AM
I went to take down the canopy and the center hub cracked. The company does not do individuals parts. If anyone has the center hub & maybe a couple of the plastic connectors (right down from the center) please email me at Otherwise it is useless .......
by rick 9/29/2009 8:32:38 AM
I've had my tent for 3 years, bought it at Dick's. For the money I think it was a great buy. I haven't had any problems with it. It put together very easy and sets up easy by myself. Use it for tailgating and always stake it down with the supplied stakes and haven't had any problems in bad weather.
by amherold 9/28/2009 7:25:54 AM
Bought a brad new 10'x10' First-Up Canopy from Dick's yesterday (that's right). Wind hit tiped it over and bent one leg.... so if people still need spair parts e-mail me and maybe we can work something out (or if someone has a leg...
by Gerry 9/19/2009 6:10:41 PM
Put subject Canopy up three (3) times and it is now busted and worthless. Someone had the idea to get rid of a bunch of worthless Canopies and throw in a Tent !! Not a very good idea ! If the first one s useless, why bother to find a replacement ??? Just have to find someway else to hold up fine tent !!
by ron snyder 9/16/2009 6:52:57 PM
I bought a Quest 10x10 canopy from Dick's and yes, it went up fairly easly ... with the assistance of a friend. However, a small rain/windstorm fliped it over and bent/split one of the legs. I had to file down the split edges to get the leg to retract completely. Can't use it like this because I now have a weak leg. I normally don't buy extended warranties but did take out the one year warranty offered (for under $10). Called Quest warranty dept. about damaged leg and when I mentioned that it broke during a storm, the rep. said that "acts of god" are not covered. Great warranty, NOT! Went back to Dick's and they woun't do anything for me. This is a poor product and I recommended that Dick's stop selling such trash .... or .... there going to lose customers! I'm done with any and all Quest products and will no longer be shopping at Dick's! Don't buy this companies products.
by Dave 9/9/2009 11:59:12 AM
I have a quest 10 x 10 pop-up canopy from dicks. The canopy top is actually 8 x8. A light wind blew it over and bent one of the corner poles. I should have screwed it to the damn deck. Anyone have one for sale, im interested. Please e-mail me at It was a recent gift and I really cant just trash it without trying to repair it.
by Steve 9/7/2009 9:48:26 AM
I need 1 x for a quest 12 x 12 Caopy if anyone has some parts. Email me at
by 8/25/2009 2:07:18 AM
Put together in under 10min, goes up in 2! Great product, easy to attach canopy and good locking mechanisms.
by E Stellar 8/23/2009 7:49:06 AM
Hillard - Do you have any poles left, the shaft broke just below the plastic fitting. Thanks, Emrich
by 8/21/2009 5:15:59 AM
I am a cancer surivor my problem is that I NEED to stay out of the sun in the most heat of the day. My husband bought me a 12x12 canopy just for this purpose,never thinking that he could not get replacement parts. Now we are using Duct tape to hold fram together. So If anyone happens to have any spair parts they are looking to get rid of, short of putting them in the trash. I would greately appreciate it. Thanks before!!!!
by 8/10/2009 8:52:02 AM
by Hilliard 7/30/2009 1:33:07 PM
I have received some request for parts. I wanted to put measurements here to make sure this is the correct part for what you need. This canopy was given to us and I thought it was a 10 X 10. We measured the canopy and it is 8 X 8 allowing for the side that hangs down. I am assuming it is an 8 X 8. The measurements are as follows: Leg collapsed-- 36 3/4" I have 4 of these $8.00 each +shipping Leg extended --6' 7 1/2" Plastic parts on legs are included XXX section consists of 6 pieces that are 33 1/2 " long making 3 X's I have 3 of these $8.00 each + shipping As stated in previous post. The area around buttons and the button have been straightened as they were slightly bent. I also have the whole center piece for this same canopy $12.00 + shipping The canopy I have has a small tear in the corner. make offer I can take pics if needed I am located in Fl.
by Jdog 7/30/2009 1:06:03 PM
I used it 3 times before the a light wind bent over a corner pole making it a pile of scrap. I need a corner pole but don't want to spend much on it since I paid $50 for the whole unit new. If you have one to sell cheap send an email to Thanks.
by Hilliard 7/25/2009 3:48:36 PM
I have some spare parts if anyone is interested. I have 3 of the fold out XXXXX side pieces and a few XXX's of the fourth. I have the center support frame. I also have the legs and they all work fine, but the buttons had to be straightened back out on them. I also have a red canopy. If interested please email with your offer.
by verncorn 7/22/2009 4:15:01 PM
I have a 10x10 First-Up Canopy. On a recent trip to the beach, one of the bolts that holds the scissor supports together came lose and fell out of the frame. Couldn't find it in the sand. I called Northpole LTD and they don't sell just the bolts. Any one have bolts from a damaged frame. If so, email me at Thanks.
by Teresa 7/20/2009 5:12:21 PM
Bought three of these canopies, the first one broke ,toppled over and all 4 legs went in different directions,neededit for a charity event for the American Cancer Society , couldnt take it back so we just thought it was a fluke and went and bought 2 more,needless to say thelegs on the next 2 we bought did the same thing ,and with no way of taking them back we and our charity lost out on 233.00 I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT
by rosie 7/16/2009 11:10:09 AM
this canopy is not good i would never buy there suff again they casn suck it!!!!!!!!
by PVK 7/7/2009 12:04:32 PM
I have put a Quest 10x10 up by myself at numerous soccer games the past few seasons. It is a piece of cake solo. The only damage we ever had was during severe weather when the boys tried to "help" by pushing DOWN on the legs instead of properly lifting them UP. Given the angle of the legs, pushing down will eventually bend/break something. Good luck.
by Fastfreight 6/30/2009 7:29:49 AM
I have no complaints..we use it three or four times a year for tailgating at races and football games and it does what we bought it's easy to put up (with 4 guys) and we haven't broken anything yet. (and it was cheap) Bought some BIG spikes holding it down though after an experience with a severe thunderstorm. I DO need a couple of parts though because some A-HOLE decided to move it during the last race we went to and obviously didn't bother to do it carefully...anybody has parts, let me know..have had no luck with Quest in that regard Bob ...
by Plowe 6/21/2009 3:08:05 AM
My canopy is now spare parts. I'll sell anything that is decent to anyone interested. Email me at
by S Saxmann 5/31/2009 11:13:38 AM
I bought a 12 X 12 and got the screen kit to fit plus two side kits. My daughter borrow the quest and wind flipped it when show onlly could naid down 2 sides. 4 X rods are bent and I want to replace them. Where can I get them
by Siouxldy 5/29/2009 4:15:55 AM
I bought the 10x10 Quest last year for art and craft shows at Dick's also. There is NO way one person can put this up fact, it's quite difficult with two people! Second show one of the metal pieces bent. Have never used it on a windy day and shudder the'd probably end up in a pile of the junk that it is. Even with the rolling bag, this canopy is very heavy. Just wish someone would invent a sturdy easy that opens fast like an umbrella!
by Dian 5/6/2009 4:53:53 AM
I purchased the EZ Up 10x10 canopy from Walmart 3 years ago for $80 and I love it. I placed it on our back patio. It was moved once to the front driveway when I had a garage sale. It has been up 24/7 and I live in Southwest Florida. It has survived the winds, rains and SUN! I purchase a replacement canopy top 6 mos ago from Walmart for $35, but it is not of the same quality as the original and is already beginning to show wear. I have taken care of the canopy 'feet' by sanding and painting them with rust resistant paint and I use rubber furniture feet placed upside down under the canopy feet to keep them from standing in water during a rain. When we have heavy winds I simply lower the canopy to the lowest level. For the most part this canopy has served us well. Now I can have shade loving potted annuals and they don't 'fry' in the sun. We spend more time on our patio now enjoying the outdoors year round. I am looking into purchasing a 12x12 canopy now and moving the 10x10 to another area of our garden. With proper care this is a great canopy, especially for the money. I would definitely recommend this product.
by HutShop 4/22/2009 8:32:10 AM
Quest Parts can be found at here is a link.
by TLR 411 4/20/2009 3:32:22 PM
SPARE PARTS for Quest First Up 10 x 10. Do not through away your old canopy!!! I have spare parts for sale!!!!
by TLR411 3/21/2009 9:16:01 AM
The First Up canopy is definitely light weight. If handled with care, they make for a nice economical shelter on sunny days. I have 2 old canopy frames that I can part out if you would like to repair your old damaged canopies.
by Ed 1/11/2009 3:41:06 PM
Bought Two 10 x 10 Quest from Dick's and one broke first time up. But I can not get parts from the 800 number. They first told they were shipping them out but never came. Then called weeks laterand they said they need to wait for new canpoies to come in to pull parts from those. They never came again. Now I can't get anyone to answer the phone. Customer services stinks. If you have a broken 10 x10 i will buy it for parts.
by PDR 11/10/2008 11:22:58 AM
I bought mine at Walmart - $92 - 7 months ago. Has been working great. Bought sides & replacement white top. Now have blue & white. White sides $38 for 4 @ Hutshop. Everything great! two tents! Now 3 sides are broken! Very difficult to put up & down. Need to replace frame. No cash for new one! Have tried to glue and tape - doesn't hold. Craft shows every weekend!
by Averil 11/1/2008 8:39:20 AM
Junk. Bought two for Garden Party. Both broke first use.
by Jerry Goodwin 9/28/2008 12:50:10 PM
I bought a First Up 10X10 Georgia Bulldogs Logo Canopy tent at Wal-Mart, the slides broke the first day when I took it to use at a yard sale on the square, tried to use it again and another side broke, now has only 1 side working, can't get a hodl of First Up, Found a place I could buy new slides at 17.95 each, 4 of them are more han he tent costs to start with. Cheap garbage, not a quality product, I would NOT recomend buying one at any price. Not sure if thsi is the same manufactrere though as mine only say First Up, I could not find Quest on it anywhere and he box is gone.
by Jerry Goodwin 9/28/2008 12:48:34 PM
I bought a First Up 10X10 Georgia Bulldogs Logo Canopy tent at Wal-Mart, the slides broke the first day when I took it to use at a yard sale on the square, tried to use it again and another side broke, now has only 1 side working, can't get a hodl of First Up, Found a place I could buy new slides at 17.95 each, 4 of them are more han he tent costs to start with. Cheap garbage, not a quality product, I would NOT recomend buying one at any price.
by Ron 8/30/2008 6:44:20 PM
I also got a side panel for by 10x10 when I originally purchased the canopy. A year later I purchase the second panel (also from Dick's). However, Quest decided to change the zipper (teeth) size on the newer panels, now I can't connect the two panels and enclose the canopy. This sucks!
by BinkyJ 8/18/2008 1:45:31 PM
I have been using my quest 10x10 canopy for 4 years without any problems, and it has always work in rain, wind ect, as long as I peg the legs down, and velcro all the ties onto the suports. I use at least 30 times a year. I have a friend who recently bought a 12x12 quest canopy from Dick's and it seems as if the workmanship isn't as good as mine was, so there may have been a deterioration in quality over the years.
by Matt K 8/18/2008 8:58:21 AM
I used it once and with one wind gust the canopy buckled. My buddy has a 10x10 and after a week of using it, the tarp on the top has 2 holes where it rubbed on the metal support beams.
by B Hughson 8/3/2008 7:10:56 AM
Used this canopy at the beach for a week... loved it..easy to set up and held up well in wind. No problems at all. I would buy another one. Also have used at home for parties and worked great .
by Craig 8/1/2008 10:34:43 AM
Absolutley the worst ever! Bought one, metal snapped after initial set-up, took it back to Dicks, they replaced it no questions asked and the replacement broke after third use. Terrible! Dicks refunded my money with no hassle. They said they're having many compaints.
by Craig 8/1/2008 10:34:38 AM
Absolutley the worst ever! Bought one, metal snapped after initial set-up, took it back to Dicks, they replaced it no questions asked and the replacement broke after third use. Terrible! Dicks refunded my money with no hassle. They said they're having many compaints.
by ann 7/31/2008 8:39:27 AM
3rd time we used it, 2 of the button clips broke- Bought ours at Dick's Sporting goods, They couldn't even tell us the name of the company that manufactures it - On the tag inside the bag is the info you need - contacted the company and they replaced the entire frame - customer service is GREAT! (we did have our receipt)
by RJS 7/29/2008 6:07:12 PM
I've had one for a month and have used it once (aside from practicing putting it up). My wife and I could set it up easily (one person in one corner, the other pulls the frame open from the opposite corner). Don't force it (you shouldn't have to). I got it at Dick's for $70 (on sale now for $50), so the price is good. I will be using it next week on a camping trip, so I'll have to watch out for the "canopy-fills-with-water" problem.
by Jean 7/26/2008 7:32:10 AM
Extremely hard to put up. Cheap metal is used in construction. I snapped the metal frame the third time trying to set it up. Every week It was a new challange. A button stuck, the frame snapped, the canopy ripped. I needed an easy to put up canope for farmers markets but this was not the one. I wasted my money.
by Kyle Marcum 7/24/2008 12:44:09 PM
i just bought it 3 days ago and a part already broke on it and i only used it one time i would like a replacement part for it though does anyone know where i would be able to find one?
by sara Offutt 7/15/2008 2:28:16 AM
sadly this canopy caved in after a rain at night. It apparerbntly isn't going to hold up well when left un attented in the rain. Good news was I called the company and they said take it back where you got it and they will trade out with you. I got it at Dick's and they very aggreeable said they would refund my money or trade out with me. I chose to trade and give it another try
by 7/10/2008 10:54:48 AM
I have a 12 X 12 that broke on the first set up. If you need parts I have them. Will not buy another Quest product.
by Dan 7/6/2008 12:31:39 PM
Kinda difficult to put up. The Customer Service # is 1-800-366-1599.
by 6/25/2008 6:17:54 AM
I have had the same problems and willing to by some bodies brokin canopy. you can reach me at the e-mail address above
by 6/23/2008 3:31:31 PM
I see alot of complaints but does anyone know how we can reach the company for replacement parts? Someone wrote that EzUP parts work? Is this true? EZ-UP said their parts dont fit other canopy companies. Just looking for a 1 800 # to reach them???/
by weirleshen 5/28/2008 9:22:06 PM
hey now - I've used this canopy for two straight bonnaroos and it's worked fine. If you stake it down properly, you shouldn't have too many problems with wind. Unfortunately at Gratefulfest two years ago a port-o-pot truck hit one of my canopy legs and bent it to all hell. You can order replacement parts that work on this model at
by Pat 5/12/2008 8:08:56 PM
DO NOT BUY THIS CANOPY! A clip broke the very first time we put it up. Then a second broke shortly afterwards. I sent an e-mail to Quest and never received a response. It's a piece of trash. Don't buy it!
by j Lucas 4/28/2008 8:31:28 AM
My new canopy was recentley caught in a storm and damaged . I do not have an instruction sheet with a phone # for quest. But I do have the receipt for purchase from dicks from 2 weeks ago. It sounds like Quest may replace the frame from what I am reading. Can someone please provide the #. Thanks
by Livi 4/6/2008 3:55:00 PM
Can somebody please post Quest's phone number? I need a flame retardancy certificate. I can't find any numbers online. Thanks!
by 4/6/2008 1:50:56 PM
When it broke I called the company & they told me they had no replacement parts but would have them in 3 months. I called this season and was told they did not sell pieces of the structure. Since it was more than a year since I bought it at Dick's it was not covered. At least now I have spare parts if I buy another.
by 11/16/2007 9:10:20 AM
There should be a telephone number on the instruction sheet that you can call to report your problems. I believe Quest offers a 1 year warranty. Quest replaced the entire bottom part of ours at no charge to us. (Shipped directly to our house) We were not even required to send our damaged product back to them. This happened during the one year period and I was able to furnish them a receipt from Dicks Sporting Goods as proof of purchase. My father-in-law also had the same problem. He no longer had his receipt and it was a little more than 1 year after he purchased it. Quest also replaced his -- no receipt required and no questions asked. I beleive they have had so many problems that they are not even requiring proof of purchase anymore.
by 10/21/2007 9:46:04 PM
Any one know where i can get parts for one of these 10X10 tents? I called the number on my instruction sheet,and the woman told me i couldn't get any parts without a parts list,and she would send me one. That was 3 months ago,and no sheet yet ! 2 more calls,and still no sheet! How about putting it on a web site,no postage involved! I got caught in a bad storm,and one of the scissor sides collapsed. I do not mind a cheaper product but even harbor freight will replace a bad $5.00 tool! And their customer service sucks too The sales staff at Dicks wouldnt replace it,nor did they have any idea how to get parts
by Corine 10/12/2007 12:39:26 PM
I bought this canopy from Dick's because of price. But I found it not easy to set up. Pieces broke, buttons came loose and fell in legs. The only good part is the actual canopy and the attachments. Now I just neet to come up with something to be able to use the canopy on. Totally disappointed!!! Would not recommend.
by tom1478 10/8/2007 7:02:45 AM
if anyone has a white replacement pole bottom part for a quest 'first-up' I will buy it from you. it is the bottom portion of the pole that slides into upper section and clips into place on the bottom of one of the poles. contact: 302-225-3905 or 610-268-0613 or
by PTYLER 9/30/2007 4:06:07 PM
by Brian 9/14/2007 6:47:38 PM
Correction: no dot in the middle.
by Brian 9/14/2007 6:38:47 PM
I really liked our canopy until it got caught in a pretty bad wind storm. Now trying to find replacement parts. Wouldn't bother but we bought both full sides and screen sides. Anyone want to sell me their broken canopy for parts?
by Pat 8/24/2007 10:07:59 AM
I have twice had the bars break at the joints and replaced the first one but it was a pain. I had to go to the metal place intown and have them cut me a piece of metal, then drill holes, and then put thepiece back in place. Don;t know that I'll bother fixing it this time - might just go and get the EZ-Up. Yep - the price was great but the product is not.
by cst 7/5/2007 1:52:35 PM
I bought 4 10x10 canopy tents by Quest at Dick's Sporting Goods in May 2007 and in June 2 of them broke and collasped. I will be calling Dick's about this. I will never buy or reccomend anything put out by Quest!!!
by trm 6/21/2007 8:22:43 AM
I'll give this average at best. It is, in fact, VERY easy to set up; 5 min. BUT, after three uses one of the spring clips that pop out to hold up a leg section broke. It is difficult to get a number to call to get a replacement. I could take the whole thing back to Dicks for another but what if the same problem arises? I would simply like to get an extra dozen clips and be done with the issue whether I had to pay for them or not. You do get what you pay for and it wasn't like this canopy was $200 or $300.
by JimBo 6/17/2007 6:44:44 PM
Used it once relase button broke. Could not get to fold back up. -PIECE OF JUNK.
by jak107 5/29/2007 3:47:09 PM
I only used the item a couple of times and all of the post holding the top broke in half.
by EJ 5/16/2007 7:19:04 PM
I only used the 3 times and the last time, the bars that hold up the peak started breaking . This item is very poorley made. I guess thats why it was only $69.00
by 1/5/2007 6:45:22 PM
by liz 10/7/2006 5:13:19 PM
after 2 sseasons, 8 bars that hold the peak up broke. Very cheaply made. I will not buy another Quest product. The 90-day warranty should have been a clue.
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