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RV Information For NASCAR Races Infield

RVs and NASCAR Go Hand in Hand

From infield parking to special camping areas surrounding the track, racetrack promoters make RVers feel welcome. NASCAR fans can watch the race each week with their RV neighbors from rooftop lounge chairs, right in the infield. There's even a television for instant replays and a kitchen for refreshments, all conveniently located in their RVs.

On any given race week, over 25,000 NASCAR fans can be found at Michigan International Speedway (MIS) with their RVs. Fans load up their pop-ups, fifth wheels and motorhomes, hit the road toward Brooklyn, Mich., and camp out at the campgrounds in and around MIS.

Fans can park their RVs and camp at one of the MIS campgrounds or nearby MARVAC member campgrounds, including Rockey's Campground in Albion, Juniper Hills Campground in Brooklyn, Waffle Farms in Coldwater, and Greenwood Acres Campground in Jackson.

Most campgrounds open a few days prior to the races, allowing RVers to spend the full week camped out near the track. Get to the campgrounds early, show off your favorite driver memorabilia, flags and banners, and spend some time with your fellow NASCAR fans.

Many drivers travel the entire NASCAR circuit in RVs, a convenience that allows them to bring their families along, and have a home while on the road during the hectic racing season.


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