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Camping Etiquette

Whether you're an experienced camper or planning your first outing, be sure you mind your manners at the campground! Camping etiquette is, for the most part, common courtesy. Here are a few suggestions on being a courteous camper:

  • Respect other's rights. Don't walk across another camper's site - walk around it. Limit play of noisy games to the campground's playground or recreation area.
  • Obey the campgrounds quiet hours. Voices, radios and other noises carry further than you might think on a quiet summer night.
  • Pack-in what you pack out. A good rule is to leave your campsite cleaner than you found it. Recycle when possible - many campgrounds have recycling programs.
  • If you own a pet, keep it contained and clean up after it. Don't expect to tie your dog to a tree and leave him unattended. He will likely bark at strangers, dig holes and annoy your fellow campers.
  • Don't cut living trees for firewood. Know the campground's rule on finding your own wood or buying it.
  • Campground facilities exist for the benefit of all campers. Help keep them clean!
  • Do not clean fish or wash dishes in lakes or streams. Waste water should not be dumped in a lake, stream or on the ground.
  • Know and respect the campground's rules, even if you don't understand them all. The rules have been established to protect and respect the rights of campers, the campground and the environment.

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