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Campground Safety

Safety at the Park Makes It More Enjoyable for Everyone!

Taking a few basic precautions will help to ensure that your camping adventure becomes memorable for all the right reasons!

Lock When You Leave
Make it a habit to lock your RV every time you depart. This RV lockdown should include securing exterior storage compartments, windows, and closing all blinds and shades. Not only will this keep out prying eyes, but will also keep the sun off fabrics and help reduce fading.

Also make sure to put away any items—cooking utensils, chairs, etc.— that you want to be there upon your return.

Set up a “Neighborhood” Watch
Get to know the RVers camping next door to you, and offer to keep an eye on their site when they’re away. They’ll do the same for you.

Consider a Few “Alarming” Options
Although it won’t make you very popular if it goes off accidentally in the middle of the night, a vehicle alarm system can be a useful defense when you’re away from your site. Also consider installing “motion detector” lights, which have the added advantage of startling “critters” as well as humans.

Pick the Right Park
The choice of the RV park or campground itself is also important. Ask management about their security procedures. Do they have security gates? Is the park perimeter fenced? Do they have cameras? Is the park well lit at night? How hard is it for people not registered at the park to come and go? Do they have nightly patrols? If you’re particularly concerned about safety, be sure to pick a visible campsite located in the center of the park or near a well-lit area.

Use the Buddy System
At night, make sure that you (and your kids) travel around the park in pairs, and keep to well-lit paths.

Clear It with the Kids
Keep your kids safe by giving them clear direction on where to go should they (or you) need help. Many campgrounds and RV parks have their staff wear uniforms or shirts that identify them as park employees. Point this out to your kids, as well as where the office is located, first aid, etc.

With a few basic precautions, you can ensure that your trip will bring you great memories for years to come.


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