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For over twenty years, Columbia Northwest, Inc. has been a Mammoth, PA based family-owned and operated business.  Ralph Tait started out in the early 70's, after spending a time in Bend, OR.  Economic down fall and the gas crunch forced him and his young family to move back to Pennsylvania where Aliner became only a hobby.  In the early 80's sons Mark and Dave joined their father, and in the mid 80's son Doug was the last of the family to join the Aliner legacy making Ralph's hobby a reality.

The Aliner company was founded with one specific goal: to keep camping fun and trouble free.  With that goal in mind, Aliner has developed a line of ultra-light folding RV's that can be towed easily and safely by virtually any vehicle including compact cars to trucks. Aliner has been producing travel trailer since 1983 and has dealers world wide.  Just as the times change so has Aliner and Aliner product lines.  As a new and improved product enters the market Columbia Northwest is always one of the first to improve and update their campers.  "We take great care in the construction of our trailers.  We only use the very best materials and equipment available.  We have worked hard to achieve perfection in these travel trailers," says Mark Tait, President of the Aliner Company.

Our trailers each set up in less then 20 seconds.  That's less time than it takes to pitch a tent, which leaves more time to enjoy your camping recreation experience.  Great care has been taken throughout the design of the Aliner product line to make these trailers are simple to operate and maintain.

Aliner travel trailers provide the greatest comfort and livability features.  With solid wall construction (no canvas) these trailers can be used year round in any weather and at almost any location-- wilderness to recreation park.  The use of composite materials makes these travel trailers strong, lightweight, and impervious to the weather.  The solid wall construction is self-insulating and adds a sense of security that canvas campers cannot provide.

The Aliner product line provides you with many standard features and options to make your camping experience enjoyable.  A variety of floor plans accommodate the needs of a single camper or the entire family.

Everyone involved in the production, sales, and service at Columbia Northwest, Inc. (from the line workers to top management) are avid campers and outdoors people.  According to Mark Tait, Aliner president,  "When we are not at work perfecting the Aliner product line, you can find us white water rafting, rock climbing, high altitude backpacking, skiing, hunting, fishing, and quite naturally camping and touring."

Aliner is known worldwide as a mark of Quality Craftsmanship over the years.  Our line of travel trailers have been sold throughout the United States as well as the second best selling camper in Australia.  We also sell trailers in Canada, Japan, England, Netherlands, Taiwan, and Germany.  The Aliner product line has even weathered the rugged extremes of the terrain of Iceland.  Along with all of this, the Aliner company travel trailers were featured on "The Today Show" for their innovative design and comfort features.



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